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Consent to partake in high-risk physical activity 

Sydney Youth Connect frequently takes young people to participate in sporting and physical activity that involves the very likely hood of injury, even death. Examples include Penrith White Water Rafting, The Sydney Jet Thunder, 10km bush-walk (which includes snake bites and falls), ice skating, outdoor and indoor go-carting, abseiling down 250 cliff mountains, Sydney Harbour Bridge climbs as well as Escape Rooms (which entail scary themes), rock climbing, football, and bike riding (which may very well result in collisions and falls). By signing below, you (the parent/guardian) acknowledge the risks and indemnify Sydney Youth Connect and hereby give consent for your son or daughter to attend the event and all activities. By signing below, you are also consenting to photos and videos being taken of your child and used for promotional purposes by the school and Sydney Youth Connect.

You're all done, wait for confirmation

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