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School Program "Who Am I?"

Sydney Youth Connect runs the "Who I Am?" program within schools across the state of NSW. The program is designed to facilitate positive change and growth in young people. Certainly, while there are many programs that run within schools, SYC maintains that this program stands out from the rest for many reasons, such as the structure of the program, the specific engagement with elite individuals and multi-faceted participation of all stakeholders regarding the participant.  

Elements of the Program

#Spans over 14 weeks

#Involves up to 20 students each time the program is run

#Entails 14 in-depth workshops by psychologists, sporting elite, social workers and inspirational mentors

#Significant physical components such as the Harbour Bridge climb, Penrith White Water Rafting, SES Volunteering and The James Craig


Over the 10-14 weeks, students leave the school during school-time to partake in the program. One teacher accompanies the students throughout the program as well as one facilitator from Sydney Youth Connect. The program is run for both boys and girls.

Character change

Character and mere bodily acts differ. A person's character is their internal state. Bodily acts change to suit the occasion and will not necessarily reflect a permanent condition. The idea of the programs is to begin the cognitive process to change at the very least, to build a positive framework for behaviour.


Youth and Civic Engagement 

Engagement is key at SydneyYouthConnect. Whether it be mentors engaging with the youth or youth engaging in civic duty, and exploring things they would never have envisioned, it certainly is paramount to what we are about.


Experience in programs

Sydney Youth Connect has been working at grassroots levels and for more than ten years and has profound knowledge and experience in mentoring youth, working with schools, and disengaged youth. Its staff comprises of medical doctors, psychologists, sporting elite, inspirational and successful mentors and community leaders. 

You could be given the map to the "Who am I?" program, but execution and experience are found lacking in many instances. it is the reason why the team is utilised by NSW school and organisation across the country.

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