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About Us

Sydney Youth Connect

Sydney Youth Connect has been working in the heart of the community for more than 10 years. With its extensive experience and professional team, the organisation has gone from strength to strength.  We commenced SYC with a small team mentoring a group of young people from the community. As our network and reach quickly grew into families, community, schools and even government bodies (Multicultural NSW), SYC had become a necessary part of peoples' lives. 

Our Vision

Our mission is to build, inspire, and facilitate positive growth in youth. This direction feeds into the betterment and enrichment of society and the lives of individuals. We further intend to produce young role models for the future, which we know will create a better way forward for the community and society as a whole.


Our vision is achieved through:

1.  Engagement through the implementation of targeted programs and workshops

2. Working within schools and organisations

3. Weekly sessions and yearly camps

4. Weekly videos streamed online and social media

5. Street Dynamic

6. Food Dynamic

7. Mentoring

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